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Citizen Clocks

From the maker of stunning and innovative watches, Citizen, comes a beautifully assorted collection of clocks inspired by their beloved timepieces.  Through the use of upscale materials such as solid wood, crystal, leather and metals, Citizen differentiates itself for the contemporary shopper. Techniques such as 3D printing on the dials enhance the markers and logo for easier readability and detail. Inspired by the brand's timepieces, Citizen harmonizes the dial and hands of its clock offerings, creating an array of high-end décor accessories. Providing a fresh take to the clock market with modern and edgy designs for home and office decor, these table top and wall styles feature upscale materials and advanced 3D printing.  You will find the full assortment of Citizen Clocks in the five collections: Decorative Accents, Workplace, Gallery, Outdoor, and Executive Suite.