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6mm Hematite Stones with Stainless Steel 8" Bracelet BRELHM


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The Elements: Increase your strength and power by wearing color stone bracelets with element symbols which can empower your inner being.

Collection Note:

Genuine stone is the main material on our Stonehenge Collection. Bracelets, pendants and rings with unique, one of a kind patterns on each piece of semi-precious mineral. Rugged, natural, and spiritual, Stone pieces are amongst the most versitile pieces of jewelry for men. - Lava Rock, Tiger-eye, Hawk Eye, Lapiz, Onyx, Howlite.

  • Material: Beads & Stainless Steel
  • Length: 8"
  • Stone Type: Hematite
  • Clasp: None / Elastic
  • Style #: BRELHM